Consulting services

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.

Electricity suppliers to final costumer 

GO Swiss Power is your ideal partner for energy supply services. Since 2014 we have been a wholesaler for electricity suppliers to the final customer, for whom we provide our know-how to correctly evaluate the electricity prices in the futures,spot and environmental markets of Switzerland and Italy.

Client research and evaluation

We conduct customer research using advanced profiling and targeting techniques based on specific attributes, including energy consumption data, account type, and financial and credit profiles.

Scheduling and Balance Group

GO Swiss Power offers scheduling services and planning of energy withdrawals for a fair and efficient management of economic matches, resulting from imbalances.

Renewable Energy Sources and Guarantees of Origin 

We supply 100% green and renewable energy certified through Guarantees of Origin.

Cross Border Operation 

For a more dynamic and interconnected market, we acquire cross-border capacity for the transmission of electricity between Italy and Switzerland.

Final free consumer 

GO Swiss Power, as a balance sheet group with delivery points registered with the Swiss TSO Swissgrid, is a national free energy market operator. Since 2009, large electricity consumer (over 100'000 kWh/year) can freely choose their supplier.